[Infographic] How Culture and Collaboration Can Increase Employee Engagement

Disengaged employees can be a financial and competitive drain on companies. However, an organization's culture and level of employee collaboration can engage employees and improve productivity. Click to view full Disengaged Employees Disengaged employees are essentially "checked out". They're sleepwalking through their workday, putting time—but not energy or passion—into their work. Consider these statistics [...]

5 Ways Leaders Build Community

Whether we work on large teams, rotate between different groups, oversee our own smaller businesses or volunteer our services, we all have a need to belong. People feel valued when those they connect with, provide support and encouragement. Being part of something bigger than ourselves is very empowering and helps us grow. That is why community is so important to leaders as it instills a sense of direction and worth.

Are You a Leader or a Micromanager?

Helicopter parents are to their kids what micromanagers are to the people they manage. While being engaged in your colleagues' lives is important, micromanaging their every move can backfire. Over-involvement often sends the underlying message that you don't trust that they can successfully accomplish anything on their own. That can take a serious toll on self-confidence.

The Secret to Employee Motivation [Infographic]

According to a study from Gallup, 89% of employers believe that workers leave their company for more money. However, as it turns out, only a mere 12% of people actually do leave for that reason. Employee motivation isn’t very hard to get right, but, unfortunately, many companies are still stuck in the past. There is a major disconnect [...]