Are You a Leader or a Micromanager?

Helicopter parents are to their kids what micromanagers are to the people they manage. While being engaged in your colleagues' lives is important, micromanaging their every move can backfire. Over-involvement often sends the underlying message that you don't trust that they can successfully accomplish anything on their own. That can take a serious toll on self-confidence.

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Want to Boost Office Productivity? Start With These Break Room Hacks [Infographic]

There's more to productivity at work than blocking Facebook or only checking your email at certain intervals. It turns out that taking breaks -- and I don't just mean for lunch -- can do wonders for your long-term focus. That's where your office's break room comes in. But did you know that the atmosphere and contents of the break room can have an effect on the quality of these breaks?

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4 Steps To Resignation or Promotion with Grace

We’ve all left a job. Whether voluntarily or involuntarily, leaving your organization or position is a commonality we all share at some point. The difference is how each person handles that transition. For many employees, especially those who voluntarily resign, leaving is a process they go through. It could involve months of thinking about it and planning out each detail. For those employees who are terminated though, they may or may not have much warning.

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How to conduct a great interview? Do something practical.

The best way to find out if somebody can do something well is to give them the chance to do it. While this isn’t always possible at the interview stage, you do have the opportunity to get candidates to carry out practical tasks. Better still, have a conversation with them while you do something new together. You can see how they interact, collaborate and react to a new challenge. Generally, you can get a glimpse at their character.

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Bosses Reveal: 7 Things That Will Get You Promoted This Year

You want a promotion this year—but you’re not sure what moves will make it happen. You’re in luck, because while we couldn’t ask your boss for the answer, we did ask eight managers what they want to see before they’ll give their own employees a boost. Try their suggestions at your own workplace, and you may just snag that promotion soon.

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Sage announces winners of CEO Circle for FY 2016

BCS ProSoft, Inc. named Sage CEO Circle winner of the highest product revenue growth for Sage 100 category for North America  [San Antonio, TX – December 12, 2016] – Sage, the market leader in cloud accounting software, announced the winners of its Sage CEO Circle, an inaugural world-wide awards program designed to reward and recognize [...]

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BCS ProSoft Makes Bob Scott’s 2016 VAR Stars List

BCS ProSoft has been selected as a member of the Bob Scott’s VAR Stars for 2016, a group of 100 organizations honored for their accomplishments in the field of mid-market financial software. Members of the VAR Stars were selected based on factors such growth, industry leadership and recognition, and innovation. Selection is not based on [...]

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